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If you are involved in Interactive TV, surely you have many questions about the technical and financial aspects of your project. At ADVIS, we have expertise in a variety of domains related to Interactive TV: digital video, Set-Top Boxes, networks, databases and more generally everything related to computers and video technologies. Here are a few ideas of how we can assist you.

Project specification

In the early stages, we can help you take the following questions into account right from the start of your project: profitability, openness and evolutivity of your solution,  additional streams of revenue, fundamental technical choices... Our intervention would consist in assisting you in writing the technical specification of your solution or the Request For Proposals that you would disseminate to potential suppliers.

Building a response to a specification

If your project is already specified, we will be glad to examine your specification or RFP, comment it and maybe propose a solution, in an open project leader / supplier relationship.

If you are building a response to an RFP, we can assist you in the formulation of your technical and commercial documentation, evaluate and benchmark technical solutions, locate suppliers and partners for additional components.

Operating existing projects

If you are already operating an Interactive TV system, we can assist you in the maintenance and evolution of this solution. For example, we can propose and implement additional streams of revenue, optimize your project, locate and resolve technical problems.

Please do not hesitate to review our panel of technical competences and contact us, write a few words about your project and we can discuss if and how we could help you.