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Eyes is a software solution designed and developed by Advanced Digital Video Information Systems (ADVIS), a start-up company located in beautiful Lyon, France.

ADVIS' objective is to help integrators, Internet Service Providers and other companies to build successful Interactive TV solutions.  Eyes is the result of ADVIS' vision, interaction with customers and technical expertise.

ADVIS was created in 2001, with the idea that Interactive TV solutions should be built with profitability in mind and should rely on open computer technology. This strategy has produced an open and scaleable software solution that brings many benefits to our customers.

During the past two years, ADVIS has developed strong ties with final customers. This relationship has been very effective, as demonstrated by ADVIS' references.

ADVIS' founders have 4 years of experience in the Interactive TV for the Hospitality business, 7 years of experience in the Digital Video world, more than 10 years of experience with the Internet. It is a team of software engineers with a commercial touch and marketers fond of technology.