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The Eyes solution comprises several software components, which can be licensed separately or integrated into ready-to-sell solutions:

Total TV Control, an innovative technology to fully control any TV from a Pocket PC, computer or Set-Top Box,
EyesMask, a technology to remotely configure computers on the network,
SecurEyes, a technology to control and bill accesses to Ethernet, xDSL or Wi-fi networks,
Set-Top Box management, with offline and online reporting and client-server communication facilities,
Remote Control management, to enable the user to control the Set-Top Box and the TV with a single remote control,
Customizable Interactive Web pages, for end users or administrators,
Advertising management software, to display, manage and bill ads in Interactive pages,
SQL Database connector, for long-term storage of information,
Interface to Property Management System, for integration with the information system of a Hotel or property,
Interface to Building Management System, to support features such as fire alarms and environment control,

Interface to E-commerce solutions,

Interface to video streaming, for Video On Demand and other digital video applications.