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Total TV Control allows a Set-Top Box, PC or Pocket PC to fully control any device that has a Consumer Infrared remote control: TV, VCR, plasma screen... This enables applications like universal remote control on a computer, Wake-Up Program, centralized TV management, computerized TV Tuning.

Total TV Control combines three different features:

An infrared engine converts the signal of the embedded or external IrDa eye into Consumer Infrared signals,
A CCF engine reuses definition files from the Philips Pronto universal remote,
A real-time engine and a graphical user interface allow for recording time-accurate sequences of infrared signals, which can be saved into files, stored and propagated through the network. On the Set-Top Box or client device, the sequence can be accurately reproduced, as if the operator was in front of the TV.

Total TV control supports Set-Top Boxes or PCs under Microsoft Windows and mobile devices running Microsoft Pocket PC or Smartphone. It supports all major brands of TVs: Sony, Philips, Thomson, Grundig and many others. It also takes advantage of external IrDa eyes, for remote operation: