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Depending on the requirements and budget of the customer, the Eyes solution will be packaged with various options. Most of the cost of an Interactive TV system goes into the network and Set-Top Boxes, so decisions in these two matters should be taken with great care. For the software, you can safely rely on the Eyes solution: it offers unmatched flexibility at a very competitive price.

The Eyes solution is completely network independent: it works with xDSL, Wi-fi, Ethernet networks and all IP networks. On the Set-Top Box side, one can distinguish:

simple Set-Top Boxes, which run embedded Operating Systems such as Linux and offer Internet access and simple games at a very low cost,
high-end Set-Top Boxes, which run generic Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows or Windows XP Embedded and offer a more complete service.
The Eyes solution supports both types and can be easily adapted to any Set-Top Box that has a Web browser. These two features, network and Set-Top Box independence, make the Eyes solution the most open Interactive TV system on the market.

In the Basic package, the Eyes Interactive TV solution performs the following functionality:

SecurEyes for Internet Access control and billing,
Interactive Web pages and advertising server,
simple games,
SQL Connector and PMS Interface, for integration into the information system of the property.

In the High-End package, the Eyes solution supports:

Total TV Control, to control any standard TV,
More advanced games,
Office applications,
Set-Top Box management, with power savings and noise reduction,
IP telephony, video-conferencing,
Video On Demand.